Services Overview
P.P.R. Purchase Price Reduction

Frontview provides customized PPR solution for each individual customer for helping them to reduce electronic component purchase cost and increase their profitability.
Through the direct support from the original manufacturers, global authorized distributors and the outstanding global sourcing optimization, Frontview helps customer to make key decisions on:
1. Volume component buys.
2. Direct negotiations to cost down initiatives with buying schedule.
3. Solving issues in supply chain process.
4. Making the profitable and efficient purchasing schedule.
With the PPR solution and base on customer's buying target and procurement schedule, Frontview offers different supply solution with different bottom price base on different sourcing channels.
Inventory Supply Immediate Shipment

Component market shortage happens sometimes, by analyze the market status and base on the statistical data, Frontview keeps stock for parts which the customers may need for emergency situation, utilizing the 10,000+ items in stock and EMS excess stock, Frontview offers inventory fast supply service to customers over the world, to solves the urgent demand which the customer needs the components to be arrived within 7 days or in shorter time.
Obsolescence Sourcing Find Discontinued Parts

150+ parts are getting E.O.L. in every single day, Frontview helps customer to source the obsoleted parts through the worldwide market and OEM/EMS excess stock, once the demands quantity is big with buying schedule, Frontview is capable to arrange the original manufacturer to re-produce it under a supply contract.
BOM Kitting Supply Base on BOM

BOM Kitting is a main advantage of Frontview and it is also the main service that we offer. Our strong and experienced sourcing team supports customer to complete the whole BOM procurement and at the same time to reduce the buying cost, utilizing the PPR solution, Cross Reference service, Inventory fast supply, Obsolescence Sourcing and programming service, our fast respond help customer to get a fast estimation on hand, with the further efficient negotiation on BOM, Frontview helps customer to make key decision with a best procurement solution and to purchase the whole BOM within the cost range which customer specify.
Cross Reference Offer Alternative Solution

While the demanded parts are in shortage or when customer needs to reduce the buying cost, Frontview is able to offer cross reference service to find an alternative part with same function and  performance, suggested part will be provided by Frontview, datasheet and sample are available for customer's engineer to make the final approval and decision.
The following component catalogues are which Frontview capable to offer cross reference service.

Programming Service Low Cost and Safe

Programming service is an extra charged service offered while customer purchase programmable component from Frontview and needs it to be programmed before shipment, Frontview provides this service with the aim to reduce customer's work and make it easier to use components when buying from Frontview. The components we are capable to program including OTP MCU, MTP MCU, EPRON, NOR FLASH, SPROM, NAND FLASH.
An official contract for confidential issue is available to sign while customer needs for software safety.

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