HK Frontview Technology, a leading electronic component distributor which established in 2007. With more than 10 years experiences in electronic component distribution filed, Frontview today is a global provider of products, service and procurement solution to industrial and commercial users of electronic components in the Chinese domestic market and worldwide market. As a supplier for customers in OEM, EMS, OBM business like FOXCONN, FLEXTRONICS, TOYOTA...etc, Frontview offers component supply service and procurement consulting service through the inventory fast supply, lead time supply and alternative supply solution.

In the past 10 years, Frontview built a stable and strong supply chain and work as an independent channel of the original manufacturers of semiconductor, discrete, and passive components, including Texas Instrument, STM, Microchip, Altera, Xilinx, NXP, ON Semiconductor, Murata, Samsung…etc. Base on customer's procurement schedule, Frontview offers customized supply solution for each particular client, to support customers to reduce purchase cost and fulfill urgent demands, what exactly Frontview does is to connect customers to the right supply solution at the right place, at the right time and at the right price.

Frontview brings pertinent procurement solution to the market, including IoT, telecommunications, automotive, energy, home automation, security & Surveillance, Embedded Vision and Wearables…etc, by providing extraordinary value to customers, we believe that the best fit supply solution to each individual customer could bring the most valuable cooperation and last forever.

About Frontview A Leading Distributor
Manufacturers Line-Cards

To reduce buying cost for critical & regular demanded
            parts which has procurement schedule
                           and cost down target.

10,000+ stock parts to offer fast supply and immediate
            shipment service for customer's urgent
                        component demands.

The worldwide sourcing-ability makes us possible to locate
              the end of life parts to fix the customer's
                                  production needs.
                               BOM Kitting

Full rang of component knowledge and experience makes
      us capable to supply wide range of components,
             we can simplify your BOM procurement.
                                Cross Reference

To offer alternative parts for meeting the demand on the
             purpose of cost down, availability and
                           shorten the lead time

A service to makes programming convenient, to reduce your
                    procedures, just do it with us when
                                   you buying parts.

Services Why Frontview
Inventory Supply
Obsolescence Sourcing
PPR Solution
In-House Inspection
IQC & OQC are standard process in Frontview to ensure every parts from us are in excellent condition.
We co-work with an authoritative 3rd party inspection organization.
Third Party Inspection
Certificate of Comformance
CoC is available for customer to ensure the traceability of each shipment.
365 Days Guarantee
We offer 365 days quality guarantee period,
RMA and replacement are applicable.
Quality Commitment How We Control
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